Client Reviews

“I recommend Lisa’s classes! I’ve been going to her pilates classes for over a year and occasionally gyrokinesis class. I come away from pilates feeling refreshed, taller, aligned and gyrokinesis untangles me. At each session you can tell Lisa is highly experienced, passionate and caring about what she is teaching.” 

“Since being diagnosed with CFS Lisa’s is the only class that’s ever helped with my pain & even gave me some energy. Lisa is friendly, knowledgeable & understanding and no matter how many people are in the class she is always keeping in eye on everyone and their various ailments (or areas they want to improve). I would highly recommend!”

“Lisa’s gyro classes are amazing! They have helped me with all my aches and pains and Lisa is fantastic at teaching all the moves and the correct way to do them! Would highly recommend to everyone!”

“I love Lisa’s classes, I started going to improve my core strength because I was getting back pain when running but I’ve found it’s really beneficial in other ways too.. stress relief, tight muscles, posture AND it can even cure a hangover! We usually go for lunch afterwards to a nearby cafe so it’s a nice social thing too. I strongly recommend it for runners or anyone that has tight muscles/pain.”

“I’ve been doing Lisa’s Gyrokinesis sessions for around 3 months now and they have helped my flexibility and eased aches and pains. I would thoroughly recommend them! Try them! Try them! Try them!

I run around 25 miles a week minimum and have carried a tight area in my calf muscle for around 12-18 months which would cause me pain, mainly after running but sometimes during too. It would certainly restrict the way I ran, the distance or the pace, as I would always be aware that I might feel pain at any time.

A good while ago a physio worked on the area for 30-45 mins and it made no difference. I got exercises to do, which I did regularly at first, and they made no difference. After only 3 weeks of Gyrokinesis I felt the tightness easing off and after around 5 weeks it was gone. I did repeat some of Lisa’s exercises at home to help the tightness ease off, and now, as long as I attend the class once a week, it seems to keep the tightness at bay. What a result!

I can now run freely. That is just so huge when you love running. I run without the thought of “maybe it will be painful if I do this or that” and that is so good for my head and my running.

My flexibility and core strength have also improved and I am looking forward to building my fitness back up again over the Winter to see what all this goodness will do for my running in 2018.

Most importantly, Lisa is a brilliant teacher. Very knowledgeable but in an understated way. Lisa also creates a very relaxed atmosphere with her laid back, fun, friendly, down to earth style. The moves are easy to follow and Lisa keeps an eye on every single person, intuitively knowing when to prompt us (me) to breathe if we stop breathing whilst doing the moves (yes it happens!) and she always has an alternative way of doing the exercises up her sleeve, if for any reason, you are unable to do any of them.

It’s fun, it’s friendly and it works! I love it. I used to spend on chocolate, what it costs to do a Gyro session, each week and I certainly didn’t feel as good eating the chocolate! Try it, try it! try it! What have you got to lose except aches and pains!”