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  • £8.50 per class when booking in a block
  • £10 for an individual class
  • Book and pay for your classes online

What to expect
If it’s your first class, please arrive 10 mins early if you can in order to fill in a registration form and so we can have a chat about any injuries or health issues you may have.  What’s great about Gyrokinesis exercise is that even in a group class the movements can be easily adapted for any ability.

A typical class begins with us sitting on stools, we warm up with what’s called ‘Awakening of the Senses’, a gentle but invigorating way to get the blood flowing, wake up the body and ensure we reap the benefits of the Gyrokinesis exercise movements.  Next we learn how to move the spine in different directions, enjoying the ebb and flow of spiralling and twisting circular motions (it feels awesome!).  All in rhythm with the breath.  We work the whole body, moving on from the spine to our legs, knees, ankles, (moving down on to the mat) and hips.  Staying on the mat we’ll do some back and abdominal strengthening exercises, before finishing with some relaxation – I’ll send you off feeling calm, awake and ready to enjoy the rest of your day.  Throughout the class we lengthen and strengthen our bodies at the same time, creating space in the body (to reduce/prevent pain & injury) whilst breathing deeply, leaving you feeling calm and awake.

What to wear
Something comfortable, jogging trousers and a t-shirt is perfect.  Layers are a good idea.

Other info
Stools and mats are provided but feel free to bring your own mat if you would prefer. Bring some water with you, it’s thirsty work!  There are toilets and areas where you can change.

After class
Many participants say they feel awake, alert and relaxed immediately after class.  Other descriptions I have had from participants are that they felt like ‘a floating cloud’ and ‘walked about with a smile’ on their face.  Later on in the day, it is common to feel like you want a nap!  You may also find that you have a fantastic sleep the night after a session.

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