Pilates – Group Classes

Where & When

  • Shawfair and Danderhall locations coming soon!
  • Register your interest in Pilates or Gyrokinesis classes by emailing ShawfairPilates@gmail.com

What to expect
This class is suitable for all ages, abilities and levels. You will learn the basic principles of Pilates, providing you with a solid basis of technique and understanding. I will teach you how to move safely, how to use your breathing to aid movement, how to align your body in various different positions, how to challenge (strengthen) your core muscles and improve your posture. All of these important aspects help to prevent injury and reduce pain from injury by reducing stress on the body, as well as counter-acting the negative affects of remaining static or seated all day.

If it’s your first class, please arrive 5 mins early in order to fill in a registration form and so we can have a chat about any injuries or health issues you may have.

Class is performed mainly on Pilates mats, there is some standing involved. Throughout the block, you will perform a mixture of standing, lying on your back, lying on your side and lying on your tummy exercises. Please do let me know if any of these are difficult for you and I will tailor the moves as appropriate.

What to wear
Something comfortable, jogging trousers and a t-shirt is perfect.  Layers are a good idea.

Other info
Mats are provided but feel free to bring your own mat if you would prefer. Bring some water with you, it’s thirsty work!  There are toilets and areas where you can change.

After class
You might be surprised to find how quickly your body will adjust to the postural changes that Pilates teaches you. You may feel taller, lighter, stronger or all 3 after class!

How to book
Please go to my online booking page here to book your place on any of my classes. Payment by credit or debit card will secure your booking. There is no need to create an account in order to book and pay, simply follow the instructions on my booking page to select your preferred class and enter your card details when prompted.

Please get in touch using my ‘Contact me’ page, if you would like to find out more about my classes, wish to discuss any injuries you have or if need help making your booking. Alternatively you can email me at lisacornerfit@gmail.com.

Review by Edinbloggette

2015 has been a great year so far, I’ve taken steps to get fit, embarked on new adventures and met loads of great people. With my new fighting spirit I signed up to a Gyrokinesis class without even knowing what it was all about, in fact I thought I would be swinging from the rooftops with ribbons.

I decided it would be best to Google Gyrokinesis to see what I got myself into and soon found out that I wouldn’t be dangling from the rooftops, my feet would be firmly on the ground making the most of my own inner strength. I was raring to go…


Gyrokinesis is a movement method designed to strengthen and tone the whole body in a gentle but effective way. Taught in a small group, class begins with a seated warm up where we awaken the nervous system and prepare the body move. Class continues on the stool with a series of fluid spinal motions, which move the spine in different directions, using the breath to create space in the joints and reduce tightness in muscles. Exercises are then taken to the floor where movements are expanded upon to work deeper into the body.

The Gyrokinesis method is a great way to combat the stresses of everyday life. The movements can be adapted to suit all levels of ability. Great for loosening tight muscles, particularly in the lower back, shoulders and hips.

Enter EdinBloggette…

I made my way up Leith Walk to Pilrig Church Hall, I was quite nervous about joining the group as I thought I would stick out like a sore thumb, but when I met Lisa and the other ladies this feeling disappeared instantly.

As some regulars were setting up Lisa gathered some information about my general health and fitness, she gave a brief overview of the session and introduced me to the other ladies. Everyone was very welcoming and I felt comfortable to set up my chair and mat ready to begin the session.

Lisa’s style of teaching is relaxed, professional and personal to everyone’s needs (in a really nice way that makes you feel part of everyone’s journey). Lisa explains and demonstrates each of the movements and breathing techniques; we can then join in whenever we feel ready and comfortable. I felt at ease and started  to follow Lisa’s instructions and also to asked questions along the way…or just to double-check I was doing it correctly.

During this session I felt relaxed and invigorated, this is a combination that is usually one or the other for me, however this time my body felt so relaxed that it was doing the right thing and I just felt able to go with the flow and let it happen.

After the session I felt stronger and empowered that my mind and body were in totally harmony, I will definitely be making Gyrokinesis part of my weekly routine and I am already looking forward to joining Lisa and the gang soon.

See the article in full on http://www.edinblogger.com: Edinblogette Article ‘Gyrokinesis Sit, Stretch and De-stress’

GYROKINESIS® One-to-ones

The GYROKINESIS® Method – one-to-one sessions

Why choose a one-to-one session?

The Gyrokinesis method is an effective exercise ‘therapy’ to improve health, wellbeing, posture and relieve pain. Unlike many types of exercise it incorporates the emotional and internal body as well as the external – after all it is all linked, one cannot be separated from the other. For me, Gyrokinesis exercise helps my on-going healing from chronic illness, Fibromyalgia. Where other therapies may have helped me to a point (and I have tried many different things over the years) Gyrokinesis exercise keeps on giving! There is always more to discover, deeper to feel, another way into a movement or a different way to relieve pain. This is why it is so accessible and adaptable to anyone and why I love it so much!

One-to-ones are the way to go if you’re looking for a more personalised and tailored experience, particularly if you have an injury or chronic illness – specific attention to your own body is important in this case, even if it is just to begin with to enable you join a group Gyrokinesis class later.

Whether you’re looking to simply improve your overall fitness, flexibility or strength, or you have a specific goal you would like to achieve or area of your body you would like to tend to – Gyrokinesis one-to-ones can help.

What to expect in your first session:

  • We will start by chatting through your health and medical history, discussing any on-going injuries or illness you may have and what has brought you to Gyrokinesis exercise.
  • We will discuss any goals or priorities you may have
  • I will assess your posture and range of movement by guiding you through some simple exercises and feedback to you what I find
  • I will then personally tailor Gyrokinesis exercises to your needs, taking into account all of the above that we have discussed
  • I will introduce you to the principles of the Gyrokinesis method (we will get moving and enjoy a one-to-one class!)
  • I will provide you with optional exercises you can do at home yourself

Allow an hour and a half for your first session (£45). There is no obligation to continue.

Continuing one-to-one sessions
After the first session, if you chose to carry on, each session will last either 1 hour (£45) or 1.5 hours (£60) – depending on what you would prefer. One-to-ones can be as often or as sparse as you like, everyone is different and it is important that you find the right fit for you. We will build each session on the previous, working on your body as we find it.

If you’re not sure how Gyrokinesis exercise can help you, please get in touch and we can have a chat at a time that’s convenient to you, no obligation.

GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.


Review by Sue Gyford, Jog Scotland, of my GYROKINESIS® class

I was lucky enough to have Sue Gyford come along to class to see what it’s all about. Sue works for Jog Scotland and was interested in writing an article about The Gyrokinesis Method for their runners’ magazine STRIDE. Gyrokinesis is fantastic for runners, either as a post running stretching workout or as part of a general fitness routine to keep them in tip-top condition for running.

STRIDE Full Article (PDF)

Link to STRIDE magazine article  (see page 35 for Gyrokinesis article)